Outsource your training to Blessed IT Solution. Because our suite of best-in-class corporate training processes enables our clients to reduce costs, sharpen their business focus and obtain quantifiable results. We have expertise in Excel Training, Artificial Intelligence training, Data Science Training and many more areas.

The training is to help the corporate team to Navigate to Next initiative. The right training to the right people at right time can increase profitability by 47%

We have expertise to undertake all types of corporate training like Technology Training for Laterals and Freshers, Behavioral Training, Leadership Development Training, Software Methodology (Agile, Scrum Master etc.) Training and Process Improvement training(Six Sigma, ITIL, etc).

We have a team of experts who can help your employees to get productive 60% faster in technologies like Excel, Data science, Artificial Intellegence, Machine Learning and many more.

Why us? The Founder of Blessed IT Solution has 30+ years of experience as all possible stakeholders involved for any training. The entire team has over 100 years of experience in Learning and Development. Our founder started his career as a technology trainer and he worked as a training manager for over 8 years and organized training for the corporate. Finally he played the role of the Business Lead during his last 7 years of his corporate career. As a result, he understands both sides of the coin and can suggest the best solution that will fulfill the objective of your organization. 

Not only that, from his rich experience, he has found that after any technology training, it takes at least 10 – 20 working days before the participants get productive. This is because most of the time, the trainer provides only subject knowledge, but now how the technology should or can be implemented in live projects. Our trainers have the right blend of experience, which brings down the unproductive time by at least 40% as a result, the organization saves a minimum of INR 45K per trainee. All our trainings are based on Experiential Learning methods. 

What we charge for the training, the organization saves more money because of early productivity. In other words, we make the training free for our clients!

Salient Features:

We do not provide training – we provide solution to our clients to make their employees productive. Our Corporate Training Programs are designed for both large and small business organizations. We curate the training programs to ensure that they meet the requirements of the 21st century workforce. 

Not only that, our corporate training programs are designed to meet the requirements of each of our clients in line with the industry’s best practices. All our programs are fully customized to cater for the needs of the organization we are working with. 

We will help you to increase your team’s productivity in Excel Training, Artificial Intelligence Training, Data Science Training and many more.

Are you excited? To know more details about the various offerings, the cost and package, please contact us