Today the biggest challenge for the students is to pick up a dream job. We often see youth remain unemployed after completing their graduation because they get rejected again and again in the job market. We did an in-depth study to find out the reason. We found that crucial reason is the gap between what is being taught in India’s universities and the requirement at any corporate organization. Our Training for Engeening Students are curated in a way to not only bridge the gap but also inline with the strength of individual students and market demand.

We are here to help the students identify their calibre and potential and sharpen their skills and prepare them for the job market.

We would like to make an impact to 5000 students in the calendar year 2024. To achieve this we have curated our Training for Engeening Students program in a way, so that students learn a technology where they have the maximum potential and demand in the market. Technology training is not enough to get a job or lead a successful life. Personality development through Personality Development training is essential as well. We will transform a young graduate completely, in terms of both technical requirements and also personality development. We shall also prepare the student for appearing for the interview. Finally, we want each student to get placed into the best organization based on their ability and potential.

Finally, The training program for Engineering students is aimed to ensure that each students get a job inline with their strength and what they have studied.