Anushree S Bai   

I was trying to get a job for some time but could not get any. Finally, Blessed IT Solution Pvt. Ltd has helped me to understand the areas of development I have and trained me to fill those gaps. As a result, I got selected with DXC.

Venkatesh LS   
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Amit Ganguly is enormously patient to understand his customers’ requirements, as he deeply cares about them. His approach is very professional and ensures regular communication on the progress he is making in execution, which helps build trust in the relationship. He creatively explores options to find the right candidates for his customers.

Piyush Manocha   

These 3 months are the best learning days of my life with overall practical experience using new technologies and self-learning strategy. This training Improved my communication skills to a great extent, and now i feel confident about my speech and skills. Lastly, Thanking a lot to my mentor Amit Ganguly, for his guidance to show correct path and techniques to a successful life. I enjoyed a lot and learned many new things. Thank You.

Kamal Budhabhatti - Group CEO Craft Silicon   
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Blessed IT Solution has organized Azure Data Lake/Synapse, Azure AI and ML for our staff, where I was also part of the session. The mentor for Azure Data Lake and Synapse covered a lot of theory and PPT, which helped us to get the idea of what we wanted. The second mentor for Azure AI and ML has covered the subject through real case studies, which was extremely useful for us.

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The session with Mr. Amit Ganguly on CV development and job search strategies were insightful and an eye opener to say the least!

Mr. Amit Ganguly scoured through our professional background, before embarking on providing his inputs on our CV. Our need to connect and be an active networker in LinkedIn was emphasized with relevant examples. His immense experience in the HR domain helped us in understanding the intricacies on how a CV is shortlisted, and what changes needs to be made to our CV.

All in all, it was a session which I would recommend to all job aspirants, and would be bountifully helpful in their job search!