Recruitment or Talent Acquisition is a complex, time-consuming process. There is also a cost involved in this process.

How many resources do you onboard monthly? Think about whether you need to have your Recruitment or Talent Acquisition Team. If you are not recruiting in bulk regularly, then having your Talent Acquisition team may not give you enough ROI.

Also, please keep in mind the cost of a bad hire! When you hire a person, who is looking for a different role or person is too greedy (holding many offers in hand and going on a shopping spree, there is a possibility that the candidate may leave your organization within a few months or may not at all join in the last minute! This could cost your organization a minimum INR 500K! We take care of all these challenges. We can proudly tell you that none of our candidates have any such history!

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We can help you to navigate your Talent Acquisition process to the next level.

All you need to do is – share a complete Job Description (JD) with us, and our experienced Talent Sourcing team will identify the best talent for you. We shall perform initial candidate screening (you do not have to spend time and effort to screen the right set of CVs from a pool of hundreds of CVs). We shall also conduct one or two rounds of interviews to judge the candidate’s personality and technical competency. Finally, we shall set the interview schedule between your subject matter expert and the candidate.

What’s in it for you? As an organization, you do not have to keep a Recruitment or talent acquisition team on your payroll. Your SMEs and HR do not have to take the first round of interviews. All you will do is take the final interview to finalize the candidate. You can save about USD 3K to onboard a single candidate!